What is a MIAM?

In a world that often seems binary, a new divide; those who know what a MIAM is and those who say, “A what?” whilst screwing up their face.

On behalf of mediators everywhere – our apology.  We know it’s a weird word (not even a word but an acronym) and we know it doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue (pronounced me-am or my-am, who knows?).  But a MIAM is a good thing, and important as the start of a way forward, so let’s explore and explain.

MIAM stands for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting.  There is some chapter and verse here, but you might still read these and come out wondering.  I would put it like this:

What is a MIAM? The first meeting that takes place between the mediator and the client at the start of mediation.

What happens during the MIAM?  Each meeting is different but typically goes something like this:

  • Welcomes and introductions
  • Tell your story (you will have filled out a referral form, so I will have details like where everyone lives, works etc.)
  • My follow up, to make sure I have understood
  • Explaining what mediation is and is not
  • Some further questions from me (making sure mediation would be safe and healthy for all participants)
  • Explaining how mediation would work going forward including arrangements for sessions, e.g. same space or shuttle, duration, timing and frequency, involvement of children…
  • Homework/preparations etc.
  • Discussing dates to meet again and confirming next steps and costs

How long does a MIAM last? Varies but typically between 40 minutes to an hour.

How much does a MIAM cost? I charge £150 fixed fee. 

When can I do a MIAM? As we are operating online, we can be more flexible.  First MIAM appointment is 8am weekdays and last one is 17:00, which means you can fit it around your day, working arrangements, childcare etc.  (Weekend appointments are available – there is an additional premium payable to the fee above for weekend MIAMs).

How do I book? Email info@sarahsmithmediationservices.com and I will send the form.  If you can’t do that, complete the page on my website here.  Or call me: 07595 650223