our values

  • to help where there is hurt
  • to nurture, build up and empower
  • future better than the past
  • positive parenting

our approach

Away from the confines of the legal framework, we have a person-centred and solution-focussed approach. Drawing on 25 years in family legal practice and Sarah’s interest in psychology, we’re about moving on from a bad place to a better place. At a time where things might feel unsettled and stressful, you can expect certainty and clarity when using our services:

  • what the process is; what will happen when
  • when you can get appointments; our use of technology makes this quicker and limits the need for travel and some sessions are available outside ‘office hours’
  • how you will be charged for accessing our services
  • the opportunity for issue-resolution but also foundation-building for moving forward, including better communications. 

We are also clear about what we want from you as our clients; full participation and willingness to explore options, being aware of the impact that delay has on everyone.  

If you don’t yet know what you need or you don’t see it on our website, please contact us.  Our services are responsive and can often be tailored to your individual needs.