Mediation Services

Divorce/separation – understanding whether divorce is the right way forward or there are other options more suited to your circumstances.  If divorce, who does what, when and how?  The legal framework is often misunderstood – we can help you get that right in mediation, so it sits alongside the solution you want to achieve. 

Finances – money can be a stressful subject, especially when it’s tight and you are trying to finance two homes now.  In mediation, we take it in logical and manageable steps; gathering up all the financial information so you are clear what is available, thinking about what everyone’s needs are going forward, exploring options and ‘reality checking’ them.  It works – a way forward can be found for everyone, without going to court and being told what is going to happen (with the delay and massive legal bills that go with that). 

Arrangements for children – nothing is more important than the kids. In mediation, we make it all about them – how do they continue having as good a relationship as possible with both parents?  What does it look like for them going forward; taking into account the geography of where everyone will be living, schools and extra-curricular, parents’ work patterns etc.? There are plenty of tips and tricks, use of technology and many years of shared experience which will help you work out what is best for your family.

If it’s always easier to have those conversations with a mediator present, we offer our ‘keeping on the right path’ annual check in service (see below).

Child inclusive mediation – as well as talking to parents, Sarah is also qualified meet separately with children as part of family mediation. Guidance suggests tis is for children aged 10 or older, but it can be with younger children who have the appropriate maturity and/or as part of a sibling group.  Consulting with children does not mean children will be making the decisions.  They won’t be asked questions like “Where do you want to live?” but they will be given the opportunity to have their voice heard as an important family member.  A child may have something they want the mediator to share with their parents and that can really help parents make better decisions and improve the harmony of family life going forward. More details here: for parents/carers, for children/young people.

Hybrid mediation – Sarah is trained to offer this mediation option which is a combination of civil and family models. It is especially useful for high conflict or complex cases. In Hybrid mediation, lawyers can also be directly involved, providing on hand support and access to legal advice. More details here.