Clients rate Sarah for her ‘people-awareness’ and ability to get to solutions where none look likely.  

She is especially adept at helping parents understand continued co-parenting after separation and crafting Parenting Agreements that work for their children.  When appropriate, sessions with children can be incredibly helpful in unlocking family dynamics. 

Sarah is not put off by dealing with complex finances, including family businesses, pensions, income disparities, maintenance, inheritance etc.  She makes numbers seem less scary and makes sure everyone ‘gets it’ before pressing on to find an agreement.  

Below, what some clients have said after working with Sarah…

Sarah, thank you for all your help over the last 6 months. Parenting is challenge for every parent, and can be more so if parents are separated.  Your mediation has brought us together to thrash out all the emotion and frustrations that have built up, to clear a path for a plan moving forward for our son.  With a parenting plan now in place, it has been time and energy well spent, to move forward with positivity, balance and stability for our son.”

“I just wanted to write to thank you for your skill and patience and getting us to a sensible mediated settlement. I am particularly conscious that over a years’ worth of sending expensive and adversarial letters between solicitors actually took us very little further forward – whereas three face to face mediation sessions found a solution.”

Thank you so much for today. What you have achieved and how professional you were during our mediation session earlier blew my mind to be very honest with you. You turned a certain situation into something else to help us come to a resolution!

“You’ve been so patient and solid in providing support and guidance, I don’t know where I would have turned without you.”