Supporting Family Mediation Week

Family Mediation Week 2021: day 5 – Principles underpinning family mediation.

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Lawyers were traditionally the first port of call when looking at divorce and separation.  Forward-thinking lawyers know that often (where there are no protection or safety concerns) they can step back and allow clients to sort out some of their future decisions themselves.  When talking about the day-to-day arrangements for children, the law offers little…

Family Mediation Week 2021: day 4 – What about Me?

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“What about me?” is a recent report of the FAMILY SOLUTIONS GROUP.  The report calls for greater support for those experiencing divorce and separation, especially children.  In particular, the need for:  Reframing family breakdown away from ‘justice’ language, towards an understanding of child welfare. A Framework of Support Services for Children and Young People – led…

Family Mediation Week 2021: day 2 – What actually happens in family mediation?

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Mediation can be misunderstood.  Like anything you try for the first time, it can take a while to understand and settle into.  So as part of this series of blogs in Family Mediation Week 2021  explanations to demystify and take away some of the fear.  Mediation is fundamentally about communication.  Exploring what is behind people’s…